Travis Scott Cadalzo - photographer

Photography is not just about capturing a moment in time, but also telling a story

While earning a BFA in Film/Video Production in Pittsburgh, PA I began working in the Motion Picture Industry as a professional camera assistant in 2003. I moved to New York City a year later and spent 8 years working steadily on various Feature Films, TV Shows, Commercials and Music Videos. Being immersed in a world of such imagination, I feel I have developed a certain instinctual eye to capture the emotion and the story all in a series of light exposing images.

I have since given up that lifestyle and chose to settle in Morgantown, WV with my wife Staci and 2 dogs Olive + Oatmeal. Today I use all of the tools I learned while in the movie business. I shoot with a state of the art camera and lenses that enable me to get beautiful images with very minimal lighting. My camera allows me to do high resolution still work as well as full high definition video, creating an image fit for the most glamorous of stars.

I am very versatile in both style and equipment. My goal is to be unseen, able to be in the shadows, ready for when that intimate moment occurs and all time is stopped with the flicker of my shutter.

My approach to each shoot is of a photojournalist. I try to be an observer to the day,
putting myself in the heart of the moments that make for future memories.

Member, Professional Photographers of America
Wedding Photojournalist Association
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Hear what clients are saying…

TV Commercial Client
"In a short amount of time, it was clear that the commercial paid off! Our customers flat out tell us that they saw us on television and figured they'd check us out. The word of mouth is buzzing and we're reaping all the benefits! We can't thank you enough!!!" --Elijah R.

Engagement Client
"We just received our pics and we LOVE them! You did a fantastic job, I really can't believe how great they all turned out…Definitely exceeded any expectations we had!!!! We'll go through them many times, I'm sure." --Jaclyn R.

Wedding Client
"All I can say is WOW!!!  We seriously loved it and could not be happier!  We feel that you captured the moment so well, you captured who we are and who are families are…" "It was also very creative and artistic which we love and appreciate!  I really cannot thank you enough for all of your hard work and talent!  It means so much to us and is something that we will cherish forever.  We truly loved it!" --Jenny K.

Wedding Client
"I think the time we have spent watching and showing this video to people is actually longer than the day itself. Everyone we have shown the video LOVED it…." "It is really tough to point out the "best" parts because the whole thing was awesome. I also have to keep reminding myself that you were able to edit this in just a few months… I hear a lot of stories of people not getting their wedding videos back for almost a year…There's a lot more praise I could give but I don't want make your head big." --Austin M.

Engagement Client
"WOW!! I can not thank you enough for the beautiful images!! We already have them hanging all over. I can't get over how many we took in such a short time. It really captures how happy we both feel. Thanks again!" --Brianna A.

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